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“Steve has created the ultimate strategy card game. His years of experience as one of the top strategy gamers in the world has resulted in Gladiator’s Crown. I love that I can play a quick yet demanding game in only 15 minutes, or participate in a tournament all day.”

Sneak Peak


Wind shrieked and shivered along the rugged cliff, scouring it with ice and dust. The chaotic gales could break a man’s nose with a slam against the stone or rip him free to tumble into the endless void. Harjam’s ears caught every note and current of the wind’s harsh song, alert for the slightest discord that would betray a falling clump of snow or a malevolent mountain spirit drawing near.


Zyn slipped through the tavern door just as the big man opened it, letting his bulk conceal her entrance. The smells of smoke and sour ale washed over her in heady waves as she squinted into the dim haze. All was loud and boisterous, a cacophony of song, laughter, and drunken boasts. Of course, he wouldn’t take part in such revels, but he’d still said this was the place to meet.


There it was again. The soft, hiccupping sob stopped Aurelia in her tracks. She swiveled her head up and down the corridor. There. Her teacher’s chamber—the door was cracked. Her footsteps soft on the fine carpet, she slunk closer. The ornate door slid open on oiled hinges. By the light of a single tallow candle, a man sat hunched over a writing desk, head in his hands. Aurelia’s breath caught.

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